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More of The Best Love Text Messages

More of The Best Love Text Messages

Do you need more of the best love text messages? Below is a collection of the best love messages for her and him… they are perfect love text messages for boyfriend, girlfriend, wife and husbands. Pick from any of these messages and use them to build your love story.

106. With you on my side, I can do exploits and face anything that comes my way. But without you, I am void of strength and sight.

107. You are my life, and losing you hurt like losing my life. I love you so much.

108. I will continue to love you till I breathe my last no matter where you go or what you do.

109. I know you will be my light in the dark, my shelter in the rain and the force that keep me safe from harm. You are always in my mind.

110. The first day I met you, I knew you were different. Now, I know just how strong and kind you are, every moment with you is a plus.

111. My happiest moment ever is when am in your embrace, and look straight into your charming eyes.

112. You are and will forever be my choice. You are the sweetest melody that is constantly on my mind.

113. You help me discovered my potentials. No other man can do it better than you.

114. I can do anything for you because nothing on earth can equate my love for you. You are so special to me.

115. You took to another realm in love and make me feel a new feeling of love.

116. You’re the only man I see in my dream at night, and the only man I desire to wake up next to in the morning.

117. Before we met, I was just existing. Now, life has been meaningful. – More of The Best Love Text Messages

Romantic Love Text Messages For Him

Romantic Love Text Messages For Him

Love is reciprocal, a one sided love never lasts… that is why we have these collections of romantic love text messages for him, so that you can send to your boyfriend, husband and fiancee. Love text messages for him will make him even love you more.

96. I wouldn’t trade your love for anyone else, because our love for each other is rare. You are my heart beat, my king.

97. Your joy is my happiness… I love you so much my handsome.

98. Over 7.5 billion people in the world and still growing. I’m joyful to have met you.

99. One of the exclusive love letters ever is: you may hold me tight for a while, beloved, but never let go of my heart.

100. It gladdens my heart that you are my soul mate and always with me. Am constantly at peace when I lay at your arm. I want you to know that I will be there for you till eternity

101. Our union is brighter than the sun and sweeter than a honey in a honey comb

102. Our love is a strong bond that cannot be broken, and all the huddles of life cannot be able to quench it fire.

103. Our love has come to stay: It was divine and predestined.

104. When I met you, I fell for you, and then your accepting me put me on my feet.

105. Fate always has its way of bringing two people who share a strong bond together, no matter what or how long it takes. – Romantic Love Text Messages for Him

Romantic Love Text Messages For Her

Romantic Love Text Messages For Her
We know men like romantic love text messages, but women cherish them. Below are special romantic love text messages for her… and her alone!

86. My heart beats in awe, when my heart met for yours. The union is sacred, Yes, the love is real, it’s worth being celebrated. Ours is divine.

87. To them, my future with your is uncertain, To some, inwardly I am weak… And then I remember what your love brought… Unabashed potency, strength untold… Am sure they don’t know now, that you mean a lot to me. I love you because you cherish me.

88. This is true love. Here comes genuine cares. The truth be reviewed to those who are expectant… That our love is divine, To last for life time. Happiness here, melodious tunes there… I want to be where you are forever. Do you love me? I love you too!

89. You’ve made my life so beautify than I can respond to. You are that perfect match that my heart ever desire. I would never let anyone else take your place. You are my choice, you mean so much to me. I will love you forever.

90. I thought I needed more to be happy, but when I met you. I understood that all I needed is the right person. Now that I found you, you thought me what it really means to be in love. You are simply love personified… I won’t stop loving you.

91. I don’t need a network to connect to your love. I don’t need a data to access you either. I just want to enter and swim into your warm embrace because that’s is where I belong forever. Love you so much

92. Knowing you made me a laughing machine. Love you my better half.

93. I miss you in every minutes, seconds and hour of the day.

94. Whenever I look into eyes, I see my heart desires.

95. I love you for your exceptional qualities like, gigantic smile, humility, angelic beauty, humor, calmness, academically excellent, passionate, generous giver. The list is endless. – Romantic Love Text Messages for Her

Sweet Love Messages For Her – Make her Fall in Love

Sweet Love Messages For Her – Make her Fall in Love

Do you want more affections from her? You want her to fall in love with you even more? Then start sending these sweet love messages today to win her heart beyond your imaginations. Women love been remembered and pampered, that is why they always fall in love with sweet love messages. What are you waiting for? Make her falling in love with the Sweet love messages for her.

73. Can you still recall how and when I said I love you? How I promised to let the whole world know that you are my number one fan? How I promised to prove to you always by my deeds. You made me discovered that all of these can’t quantify your love for me. You really made me not to stop thinking of you. You are my desire. I love you.

74. I was incomplete until you came. My heart was normal until it started beating for you.
If only you can feel my mind, You’ll tell how amazing it is having you in there. Thanks for becoming mine. I love you.

75. Perpetual love, endless care, With you my love, that’s what I’ll share. My heart in yours, and yours in mine, Nothing else matters, to make love undying. Loving you forever my love.

76. I choose a pathless journey, Going to the land of ecstasy. I’m giving my all to this life journey, With all things in place, Because I found my love, The one I miss.

77. I couldn’t imagine being without you for a day, Until it’s surface perpetual, I just x-ray my heart, And it’s thrashing terribly.… All because I’m missing you.

78. I’ve embarked on a beautiful journey, to a land unending and full of bliss. By the happiness your love brought, I hope to live with you till I breathe my last. I love you and me.

79. When I keep relishing the blissful moments your presence in my life has shaped so far… And just when I thought it would end, you show me another new level of love. All I’ve ever wanted is in you. You are the totality of my desire.
I do love you.

80. In you, I see the epitome of true love. Before my very eyes, I see an ecstatic show of care indescribable. I feel so blessed, for all that you do.

81. I was an expert in making mistakes, A beginner in doing right, A guru In breaking hearts… But never good in mending any. It’s a life I enjoyed… Until your love capture me. Now I’ve been changed by your shot of love, And it’s your love that called the shots! Thanks for saving me. I love you.

82. With you, my soul is stirred. By your love, I’m energetic to attain apex of life. With you, I have peace, plus everything I need out of life. What more should I ask for, You mean the whole world to me. I truly Love you.

83. The best I’ve been are behind my back, the best in me is lying fallow in my mind. The best am yet to become are dreams and just expectations… I see them coming through, when I look at you.

84. I need more, more of your touch, more, more, of your untold care. I need more, more of your love… To give me more, more is all I need. Even though I have enough, I still need more of you I love you, you know it right?

85. When you offered me your love, I didn’t delay for the conviction. And my judgment has been right, Since I offered you my love. Your Love is real, your kind is erratic. Glad I got all I ever wanted when I let you in. I’ll treasure our union forever, because I love you so much. – Sweet Love Text Messages to Make her fall in love

Romantic Love Messages For Girlfriend

Romantic Love Messages For Girlfriend

Do you know that sending Romantic Love messages to your girlfriend tightens the relationship knot and makes her fall in love with you even more? Pick from our collection of Romantic Love Messages For Girlfriend and make your relationship tighter.

58. If kissing you could express the depth of my love to you, I am sure we would spend our lifetime kissing.

59. With you, I have known what it really means to love. Please give me your love forever.

60. Something supernatural happens whenever you mention my name. That is the power of your love baby. I love You.

61. You are my motivator. With you by my side, I believe in beauty from pain. You are my source of strength, I am privileged to have you.

62. In this few moment of our being together, I will confess how delightful, gorgeous and amazing you are. I am confidence you feel the same in your heart.

63. Let us play the game of coin, I am the head while you are the tail. Who’s side shows own the other. We could never lose. I love you my queen.

64. No one has the capacity to make me feel as insubstantial and cheerful than yourself.

65. Nothing lightens as the illumination created by you in my heart.

66. You thought me the true meaning of love. Never leave me alone because my world is void and meaningless without you.

67. I marvel if you know how I really feel and how glad my heart is when we are together? If I should count, time and words would not be enough to describe that.

68. I know God has a perfect mate for me, and there’s no need to search for him, for we are found each other. I have loved you all my life!

69. I can’t deny my love for you, because my feelings toward you is real than imagination.

70. No one knows tomorrow nor what it holds. So trust me when I say, tomorrow and we will exploit our adventurous future together.

71. I never could have made it without your affection toward me!

72. Let’s give up our pride for love and settle our differences without a third party? and embrace each other with the pleasant feeling of what we feel. – Romantic Love Messages for Girlfriend